Saturday, May 21, 2016

Another lil library haul

Remember the last time I did this? I called it "A Little Library TBR"? Well, PAH! Turns out, it was not actually 'little', at least not for my standards! Let's be honest, a seven book long tbr could take me all year to get through! But let's hope not. And if we're being TOTALLY honest, as the above suggests, then I should probably admit that I only used the word 'little' because it alliterates with 'library. And I am a huge proponent of alliteration. Even if it compromises factual accuracy (and I must be honest, once again, I only noticed this just now. Literally, just then. I was like 'hang on, didn't my last library haul have like a crap tonne of books in it? Then why did I call it LITTLE, WHY, ARIELLE, WHYYY?'). Alliteration is why. That, and I hadn't planned that many books to go into that post!
OK, the point I am trying to make is, THIS TIME, I'm using the word 'lil', and it is truly gonna be accurate to the number of books I'm including in this post. Two. Just two!