Friday, May 20, 2011


Welcome to my bookish blog, My Bound Escape!

A Little Introduction
My name is Arielle, at this moment I'm 18 years old but next week I'll be 19. Yay!
I'm from Perth, Australia and I'm a student at the University of Western Australia.
Other interests apart from reading: MUSIC!, TV, writing, movies, sports, travel, fashion.

A terrible quality phone pic of me in an Ally store last year.

The Point of This Blog
I've been a floating lurker of the book blogosphere for a while now, following lots (and lots) of book blogs, commenting lots, reading their reviews, entering giveaways, etc.
But now I want to be a real part of it, and hopefully I'll be able to host plenty of my own giveaways one day in the future!
Just for now though, baby steps.
I think I'll be doing reviews mainly, as well as other fun posts, but we'll see. :)

Explaining My Bound Escape
I'm sort of unsure about this title, because even to me, it seems a little weird.
I wanted Escape to be in the title somewhere because I always think of reading as an escape from reality.
And I used the word Bound because books are essentially pages of words that are bound together. Even if they aren't exactly print copies, I still think of them as bound together in some way.

Thanks for reading this tremendously boring Welcome message!
Hope to see you in the comments section of my posts, soon :)


Abbey said...

Its great that you have started your own book blog
I've been so grateful for your comments at my blog :)
I started my blog a few months ago after following heaps of blogs and thought why not get involved?
I can't wait to see your reviews!
- Abbeys bookshelf

Rebecca said...

Aww cute - your first post! This should be framed or something! hehe :)