Monday, May 21, 2012

My Bookshelf Tour Video!!!

Brace yourselves... this is a long one.

My sister and I switched bedrooms the other day so I spent most of the day moving books to and from our rooms and organising my main bookcase. This is a video tour showing you guys my finished set up! Well, not completely finished yet because I don't want to use my smaller old bookcase anymore, which means I still need to find a place for the strayers... by 'strayers' I mean the 4 piles of other books that are currently homeless. 
Hope you don't find the bookshelf tour too boring! 

Lastly I just wanna apologise for not posting more throughout May. I did warn you though! 
But I hope this video post makes up for my absence in some way. :/ 
Let me know if you'd like to see more videos in the future!

Much love,

1 comment:

Cass said...

LOL I liked the part when you talked about your notebooks. You have heaps of books there and I like your bookshelves.

Also, you're reading so many books right now! O_O I thought anything more than 4 was crazy, but you're really juggling them. Huh. Cannot wait to hear what you think about Lola, Insurgent and many other in your TBR! (PS. Pittacus Lore is a pseudonym -- pronounce it however you like! ;P)