Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Uni's back - these are the books I need!

So I'm back at uni again for the second semester of the year starting this week, so I thought I'd use this post to show you some of the books I'll be needing for my studies this sem!

First off, these are the four units I'm doing: 

1. Reading Creatively/Writing Creatively 
2. Greek 2 (I did 'Greek 1' last semester)
3. Meaning and the Moving Image
4. Romanticism and Change in the Long Nineteenth Century

And these are the books I'll be needing!

This is for #4

Also for #4
I was going to do beginners' Latin this semester but for course structure reasons I couldn't so I chose to do this Romanticism English unit instead, which turned out AWESOME because I get to re-read Frankenstein. This is like, one of my favourite classic novels of all time. If not my all time fave. 

Again, for #4 :)
I'm glad this unit finally gives me a reason to actually read this book! I bought Wuthering Heights ages ago but never found a good enough reason to actually pick it up and read. I hope it's good! 

For #1
I'm excited to use this workbook! I haven't written anything creative in literally years :(

and lastly, one of my notebooks I thought I would throw into the lot! :)
I really really do HEART NYC
I didn't show my Greek books because I wasn't sure if they were interesting enough to include. 
Also, for unit #3 I didn't need any books because we're studying films! We get to watch a new film every week, I'm so looking forward to this unit. The first lecture got me excited - the lecturer mentioned Hugo (the Martin Scorsese film). WHEE!

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