Saturday, October 20, 2012

books on my bedside table!

I thought it might be interesting to let you know what's been sitting on my bedside table these past weeks! 
Calm down, I can see the strange look on your face. Don't worry, I do not read four books at once.
I have four there because sometimes I feel like I'm in a certain mood to read a certain kind of book, I start it, then I just leave it there and don't really get to reading the rest of it. 
Then they just accumulate.
That's mainly the case for A Midsummer Tights Dream & Mockingjay.
I'm actually a good way in to A Game of Thrones, and Hugo Cabret is quite an easy read so I'm sure I'll finish that soon. 
And I will get to Mockingjay soon enough (I well know it's been a long time coming).

But I thought I'd just give you a little insight into my sporadic reading habits of late.
It's not really too commendable, but there you go. Those are the books on my bedside table!

What books are currently resting by your bed?


Josette said...

I took months to finish Mockingjay. :( I preferred the first two books in the trilogy...they were more of a page turner.

How is the Hugo Cabret book like? It's all pictures isn't it??

Unknown said...

it's words and pictures! lots and lots of pictures :) really awesome pictures :P