Friday, July 26, 2013

new on my bookshelf: billy and me

I got something in the mail yesterday! Gi Fletcher's debut novel Billy and Me. :) 
I know Giovanna because she's Tom Fletcher's wife... and I know Tom not because he's from McFly but because he is Carrie's brother! Carrie Hope Fletcher as you may know her on YouTube. 
I'm obsessed with Youtube and British Youtubers especially, and I've been watching Carrie for a while now. But enough about her, let's talk about Gi! She and Tom post the cutest, most adorable song covers on Tom's YouTube channel. Also, the pixiwoo sisters Sam and Nic Chapman did Giovanna's makeup on their channel whilst interviewing her about her life and Billy and Me
Here is that video: 

Also, you can read more about Billy and Me on its Goodreads page here.

I'm excited to read this and I've heard so many great things about it as well - even Alex Day dedicated a video to it! I'll just go ahead and stick that video in here too.

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