Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"Vanilla Skies" ~~ an original poem

Hello again.

In two days, well, in less than two days, I have to submit to my creative writing class a piece of writing (a story) that I've yet to sit down and write. Woops! Well, my plan is to start tonight (or to be honest, my original plan was to write everyday since the start of semester but that didn't happen) and while I was sifting through old drawers of scraps and notes and scribbles to find inspiration (I can't ever get enough of that stuff) I found a folded sheet of file paper from one afternoon five years ago.

It was the 29th of July, 2008, and I was sitting on the right hand side of my Geometry and Trigonometry classroom right next to the window near the front of the class. If I recall correctly, it was the period after lunch and instead of doing my maths work I was writing a poem! I have some really nice, fond memories from Year 11 - although often they remain tucked neatly away behind the cobwebs in my mind - and one of those is creative writing.

I don't think I've done any leisurely creative writing since I was in Year 11, and I'm gonna get real frank right now, I believe since around that time my life had gone downhill. 

Not that this is all to say the poem I'm about to show you is any good, but I'm just showing you this poem because I randomly found it and thought you might like to see it. And if it helps inspire me to write a magnificent short story afterwards, yippee for me! 

(Note: On the paper I've written the poem out in three columns so I'm not actually sure which order the stanzas are meant to be in.)

Vanilla Skies

Swirling motions
hovering by
These are my
vanilla skies

Wilted moments
glow as gold
They bloom like spring
Their captive hold

Summer blues
Winter whites
Blended wonders
More than high

Where nothing feels
as free as this
In awe I know it is
clear as mist

They fill me up
and blend me in
They overreach
with layers thin

The sights
reflected in my eye
These are my 
vanilla skies

Copyright 2008. ARIELLE! 


Jess F said...

This is so lovely!

I think I remember reading it... maybe...
Year 11 is also a blur in my mind.

Unknown said...

Yes I think you did!
I'm sure it's on my old livejournal blog anyway.