Sunday, October 23, 2011


Day 13 – Your favourite writer
Day 14 – Favourite book of your favourite writer


Err, OK. Given that I listed at least a dozen writers for Day 13's topic, I'll choose a book (or series) from one of my favourite writers that I haven't mentioned yet. 


Honour her sword | Learn her skills | Keep her secrets

Several years ago, I stumbled across Ally Carter via MySpace (weird, but true!). I'd never heard of this author before and I was immediately intrigued by the Gallagher Girls book series. It was love at first sight. Literally.
The covers really stood out to me, and combined with the prospect of teenage girls as spies-in-training - it was the best and most awesome thing I'd heard of... like, EVER! 

These girls are geniuses (no joke!); they're fluent in about a zillion languages, and these sweet, unassuming girls can kick. your. butt
But they're not superheroes with superpowers - they are just... really talented teenagers, I guess? 
The Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women is a legacy spy school for girls, and they live in this enormous mansion (which means my favourite thing - secret rooms and secret passages!).

This series has the perfect combination of teen girl drama, secrets & suspense (oh boy, there's a lot of suspense), action, mystery and boys. All in the ever-thrilling lifestyle of espionage. If you like those things, I know you'll love this series! 

Gallagher Girls Book 5 is called 'Out of Sight, Out of Time' and will be out in March, 2012!


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