Friday, December 2, 2011

My Swap List (The Aussie Swap)

The Aussie Swap is a Goodreads group that was formed so that us Australian book-lovers would be able to show each other our bookshelves - the books we own and can swap & the books that are on our wishlist. 
Basically you can get your hands on some of the books you've been pining for, whilst sharing your own books as well. I suck at explaining things, so click the link for more info. 

My 'Aussie Swap List' is posted up on my 'to-swap' Goodreads bookshelf and also on Chimneys & Magic (click here for that page, or find the link on the top of the sidebar). 
Currently I have almost a dozen titles on my Swap List, so if you live in Australia and want to get your hands on any of the books from that list (which is updated when new ones arrive and old ones leave), then chuck me an email or contact me via Goodreads
In order for it to work though, you need to swap something that I want! So link me to your swap list or if you don't have one, browse my wishlist to see what type of books I'd like to swap with. 

If you're an Aussie book-lover, you should join the group! Everyone is super warm and friendly and you might find something precious in the process. 

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