Sunday, December 4, 2011

Follower of the Month! *NOVEMBER*

November flew by so quickly, I can't believe Christmas is almost here! 
Follower of the Month is a little award I present to a Chimneys and Magic follower, to show my appreciation and to get to know my blog readers a little better! 
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Here are the fun questions I asked November's winner. 

1. What is your name?

2. If you could list one thing you like about Chimneys & Magic, what would it be?
That’s a hard question, but I love  Chimneys & Magic for its originality. It’s so different and unique to other blogs and I love that. It marches to its own beat.

3. What is your favourite book genre (current OR of all time)?
What’s with all the tough questions! Mmm, *minutes tick by*... Well, I’ve read Contemporary the longest and I do love that, but I’ve recently started getting into the Paranormal genre and I’m loving that too, but I also love romance – I’m sucker for a good swoon! I don’t think I could pick, I love all three, but at the moment I’m probably leaning to Paranormal Romance.

4. Favourite film adaptation of a book? (or TV adaptation)
I haven’t really read a lot of film adaptions based on books, but I think I’ll say The Hunger Games, it’s not released yet, I haven’t even seen it, but boy oh boy, have you seen the trailer!

5. What do you do for a living (or dream of doing for a living)?
Well I’m student and do home schooling, but even though I haven’t set in place what I want to do yet, I definitely have dreams! I’d love to be an actor, work in the book industry or maybe a primary school teacher. Those are just some options.

6. Favourite Colour?

7. Country you'd most like to travel to this very second?
England – I so want to see my great grandma - she’s lovely. J

8. Your superpower would be...
I don’t know what I’d call it, but I’d be able to transport myself wherever I wanted to go.

9. Coffee or Tea?

Thanks Arielle for letting me be Follower of the Month. This was so much fun, I loved the questions!

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Nomes said...

oh, i love rebecca. her blog is so enthusiastic and her reviews are infectious :)

also, i would choose that super power too. i LOATHE travelling (like visiting places, hate planes, buses, long car trips ~ i always get sick and throw up and WANT TO DIE!)

Unknown said...

Me too!
Teleportation would be sooo ideal.

Rebecca said...

@Nomes - your so sweet! :)

@Arielle - thanks a bunch for having me! :)