Friday, March 23, 2012

The 22nd of March: AKA The Hunger Games Day!

Two nights ago I went to the midnight screening of The Hunger Games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel like that statement deserves a lot more exclamation marks than that. Like a gazillion more. 
I'd been waiting for that day for well over a year now, so you can imagine the build up of excitement. 

The film was so good. It was better than I expected and it fulfilled all my hopes for it. 
The movie stayed quite true to the book, unlike a lot of book-to-film adaptations, so for that I was glad. 
I can't really pinpoint anything that disappointed me, except the the film's tame portrayal of the Capitol. I was really looking forward to seeing the scene at the party with those drinks that make you regurgitate your food so you can eat more. It also would have been nice if they mentioned the Avoxes, even a little bit. Katniss in the movie did very vaguely mention cutting off tongues but she wasn't even talking about Avoxes even though it was an indirect reference to them. I know that the film already was so long because they had to fit in so much into the movie, but I would have liked the non-book reading audience to really understand the wicked insanity of the people living in the Capitol, because the movie didn't really capture it as well as I hoped.
Also, I thought the tracker jackers would be way, way, bigger than they were.

There was a group of highschool girls sitting on the right side of me, and they could not contain their emotions... particularly the girl sitting next to me. She was almost openly weeping - loud, heavy breathing and loads of crying in every emotional scene (of which there were many). 
I really liked Stanley Tucci as Caesar Flickerman. He was funny. :P

The cinematography really did the book justice I feel, and it totally had a dystopian feel - not Hollywood-y at all.

Anyway, I had a 10am test for Greek the next morning, so I only managed about 3 or 4 hours sleep. I was sitting in a cafe on campus before class and in front of me sat two girls, both sitting alone, reading books from the Hunger Games trilogy. One was reading Mockingjay and the other The Hunger Games. I was silently really proud of Suzanne Collins at that moment. 
Later that day quite a few other people in my lecture and tutorial were talking about The Hunger Games movie as well. :) 

On another note, I'm sorry I haven't been blogging very much recently - I highly underestimated the enormity of my reading requirements for my combination of units this semester. In fact, yesterday I was in a two hour long tute where I hadn't done much of the readings and it was quite obvious because I was the only slacker in the class. So in order for me to stop looking like and acting like an insubordinate, lazy fool I really need to step up my game. O, but if only studying were really a game. 


Cindy said...

I actually cannot watch the movie until I (finally) get around to reading the books! Always too late with jumping on the bandwagon hahaha

Anna said...

i went and saw it last night, and i agree it was really good. i missed them not mentioning the avoxes.
i really liked seeing the gamemakers and president snow, it really added to it. i also loved the scenes in district 11 after rue's death. peeta and gale's expressions at the end where also PERFECT, exactly right.

the idiots in the cinema kept laughing at emotional scenes, which was a right pain.