Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Have a Belly Full of Peppermint Tea (an update)

I just drank a massive mug of peppermint tea and my head feels a little woozy right now. It's throbbing a bit too and I sort of feel like passing out. 
If I pass out on you, apologies in advance.

Anyway, how have you been doing?? I've been better. This week was the pre-exam study week.
Over the next 2 weeks I have several exams - all of which I'm not ready for yet - so I might be quite AWOL during the upcoming fortnight. 
I'll give you some scheduled 'The Time Will Come' posts because I love doing those; they are really fun to write. But reviews will be pretty much at 0 as will everything else. -sad face-
But don't worry, I haven't got a job yet, so I'll be back straight after the 21st! 

Let me know what posts you'd like to see from me in the comments - 
e.g. visual inspiration (photos from the interwebzz), bookshelf tour... I need more ideas! 
I'll have reviews up for Jane Eyre and A Wrinkle In Time shortly after exams too. 
I might do a review for the Epic of Gilgamesh as well - would anyone be interested in that? Two of my units had readings for the Gilgamesh myth so I got a version out of the library to study. It was ... interesting.

I think I might sip a glass of water and pass out on my bed now. My head is screaming at me right now! 
Oh Lordy. 

Wish me luck for my exammys! 

Much love & happy reading,


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