Monday, November 21, 2011

What's HOT on my *Wishlist*! [ top 7 ]

I finished my last exam a couple of hours ago... YAY! 
No more stress for me! Apart from the stress I'll get from my mum nagging me about getting a job. 

I thought it apt timing to show you the books I'm craving for this Christmas - these are the Top 7 (I tried making it a Top 5 but failed) books I should have read already but somehow still haven't! 
These seven books soar high above my wishlist in terms of the crave scale.


This is a YA Sci-Fi/Dystopian novel that won a lot of literary awards this year. This one has an insanely cool synopsis which you should go read here. From the sounds of it there will be lots of secrets, mysteries, questions and perhaps.. running? (lolidon'tknow) 
Dystopians make me shiver with excitement.
(Not literally..) 

Another fabulous YA Sci-Fi/Dystopian that has been buzzing through the blogosphere. I'm not sure how I'll like this one... but I just know that I need to read it. 

I only started watching vlogbrothers a few months ago, which has only made me a bigger fan of John Green. I'm joining in John Green Week (see little blue button on left sidebar) so I need to get me some more John Green! 
I know what you're thinking - don't worry, I've already pre-ordered 'The Fault In Our Stars'!! (I hope mine is signed with a Hanklerfish!)

I heard really amazing things about this book, and I quite liked the film too. David Levithan is coming to Perth in a few months for the Perth Writer's Festival and I haven't read even one of his works yet! So that gives it even more reason to be on this list. 

One of my newest fave Youtubers Whitney Milam (whitneyleemilam) rec-ed this, and I have indeed been meaning to get my hands on it for several years but just forgot about it, I suppose. It's time I finally do it, huh? I mean, it's a really good book, isn't it? At least that's what I've heard.

This book just sounds really cool. Why wouldn't you want The Lover's Dictionary? 
Exactly! Everyone does. 
Because it's cool. 
And it's David Levithan.

(I'm trying my best not to sound too crazy because at the moment I'm deliriously writing this post so I can take a granny nap after.)

The most recent instalment of the Shopaholic series!! Becky has had her baby so it's time to see what havoc the little girl will wreak on her mum's Visa card. 
I can just smell disaster looming. 
That, and plenty of laughs.

* W H A T   B O O K S   A R E   A T   T H E   T O P   O F   Y O U R   W I S H L I S T ? *

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Holly said...

Where's your all-purpose wishlist, I'm putting mine together and would love some inspiration!