Thursday, November 24, 2011

Check out my 'Getting to Know You' interview!

The awesome Rebecca from Reading Wishes featured me on yesterday's 'Getting to Know You' interview! 
Here is a snippet: 

What was the last book you read, that made you feel like shouting from the rooftops, ‘cause it was that good!?
Game of Thrones by George RR Martin! I’m actually only one eighth of the way through the novel, but I already know it is that good. Every single thing about this story is fascinating and ingenious and alluring and captivating. 

Fave Literal Book Crush...
I would have to go with Mr Darcy, for sure. The whole Jane-Austen-style Regency period is so alluring to me - the lifestyle, the social culture, even the fashion culture... I’m definitely an escapist sort of gal like that.

Thanks so much to Rebecca for letting me participate. I had a blast answering the questions. 
CLICK HERE to read the full interview! 


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Rebecca said...

No worries Arielle!
Glad you had fun. :)