Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 7 of the 30 Day Book Meme: AN UNEXPECTED GOOD READ

Day 07 – Most underrated book An unexpected good read

I decided to change Day 7's theme a bit - mainly due to the fact that I couldn't think of a book that is underrated. So today I'm talking about a book that was unexpectedly good! 

Frankenstein (The Modern Prometheus)
by Mary Shelley

I had to read this in highschool for my English Literature class, and unlike most of the other texts we had to read over the years for that class, Frankenstein was probably the easiest and most interesting to read of all them. (Other texts we had to read for Eng Lit included ones by Jane Austen, Sophocles, Shakespeare and Thomas Hardy.)

I had only ever thought of Frankenstein as 'that big ugly monster thing' and never really bothered to find out its origins or what 'Frankenstein' really meant. (Now I know that Victor Frankenstein was the scientist guy that discovered a way to create life and did so by using the flesh from dead corpses, some electricity and some other secrets. The creature itself never had a proper name - it was only ever called 'the creature' or 'hideous monster' or 'abhorrent progeny' and things like that.)

This was the first and only gothic novel I've ever read in my life (but I do have Dracula sitting on my shelf somewhere waiting to be read in all its lovely fabric hardcover prettiness). I didn't have trouble getting into the storyline of Frankenstein at all, and I think it's a spectacular novel about life and death and the sense of belonging. And geniuses going crazy and lots of people dying. 
Anyway, I know some people think it's incredibly boring but Frankenstein is probably my favourite classic of all time. 

If you haven't read it, at least give it a try? 
You might be very pleasantly surprised. 

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Abbey said...

I'm currently studying this for my HSC and finding it so hard. I'm glad you liked it though.
Although i think whenever i'm given a book to read for school i never like it because you have to analysis it so much and takes the fun out of it.