Friday, August 5, 2011

Visual Inspiration (3)

I decided to go with this bigger font size because it's nicer to read. I tend to zoom-in on most blogs I read when I'm reading reviews because it's just easier that way. (Small font=boring in my mind)

Anyway, I wanted to do Visual Inspiration right now, because I need some pictures to cheer me up. My mum has gone and swept my room clean... which is slightly good and very bad - a bit less dust on the furniture and floor.... but all my stuff is organised in weird places together, my books and bookshelves were rearranged, and I'm completely livid (mainly about my books and their order being all messed up). 

Enough with my ranting. Posting these pictures will help ventilate my frustration (hopefully).

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. 


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Jess F said...

WOWWW I love that last picture!!!