Friday, January 20, 2012

New on my bookshelf

Received this in the mail the other day - PAN'S WHISPER by SUE LAWSON. 
I won it in a giveaway, yay! The giveaway was hosted on the blog Perth YA Fans Unite! which you should sign the petition for if you haven't already. ;)
I don't understand the tagline for this book: If you're fighting to forget, what would make you remember?
Apparently it's something to do with a brash, loud and damaged girl named Pan who has a problem with her memories. Sounds fun. 
On the back below the blurb it says (in big bold text): Never. Trust. Anyone. 
That's a bit alarming. Now it sounds like a spy novel. 

Anyway, if I'm sounding stupid I blame it on delirium. I just watched three episodes of Mad Men back-to-back and have been up since 6.30am (I've been waking up at 11 everyday these past couple of weeks).
Goodbye. :)

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Cass said...

Agreed. That tagline is weird... I was a bit late going into the contests so I missed the whole thing. :( But anyway, I'll be waiting to see what you thought of it! The cover is quite pretty...