Monday, January 9, 2012

Review: Friendship on Fire by Danielle Weiler

Title: "Friendship on Fire"
Author: Danielle Weiler
Genre: YA Contemporary
First Published: March 1, 2011
Format: Paperback, 471pg
Publisher: Sid Harta
Source: Author
Other details: Author Interview and Giveaway (AUS+INTL)
My Rating: 3.5 stars

Danielle Weiler did a pretty great job in her debut YA novel, Friendship on Fire. The writing was clever, the characters were refreshingly real and I loved the pop culture references to movies and music alike. (I absolutely ADORE Brooke Fraser's music! For a slightly more obscure artist, I was pleasantly surprised to read that Daisy listened to Brooke Fraser too :D.) The local references about our Aussie culture were spot on and so relatable, I was constantly thinking back to my time in highschool, comparing my memories to Daisy's story. 

I actually disliked Daisy in the beginning. She was a hot-headed mess, incapable of colouring her hair properly and she had a volatile temper to boot. By the end of the novel though... I loved her! For me, Daisy turned out to be a great role model for teenage girls today. (Apart from her intense weakness for the physically blessed, mysterious guys like Nate). Despite her slight anger management issues, Daisy has a huge heart. Huge. 

It might sound bad, but I'm jealous of Daisy's family and friends - they were incredibly supportive and loving, it's a rare and irreplaceable blessing that isn't seen too often in society today. Daisy is so lucky to have such amazing parents, loving brothers, as well as her best friends Roman, Shana and Sarah. 

Friendship on Fire is a story of life and love. Friendship, family, romance, relationships, heartbreak, and self identity. It was a pleasure to witness Daisy's growth through her last year of highschool (and kinda live vicariously through her too) - getting her driver's licence, weekend house parties, school events, and all that. This 400 and something page novel is quite a long one for contemporary YA. It took me a little time to get into the story, but I was rewarded once I got to the end because there is something special that everyone can find in Friendship on Fire.


Stay tuned in for my first author interview with Perth author Danielle Weiler!!! 
And keep your eyes peeled shortly after the interview, for TWO GIVEAWAYS of Friendship on Fire! That's right, TWO! One for Aussie residents only and one worldwide/international. :D

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Nomes said...

oh, i LOVE brooke fraser as well, so much.

I heard her live for Christmas Eve ~ she's beautiful

Fab review as wwell

x Nomes