Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Follower of the Month *DECEMBER*

Follower of the Month is a little award I present to a Chimneys and Magic follower, to show my appreciation and to get to know my blog readers a little better by doing a fun little quiz with them!
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Ok this one is a tad late... please forgive me! 
So without further ado, the Follower of the Month for the month of December 2011 is... NOMES from inkcrush!


1. What's your name?
I most often go by my nickname of Nomes ~ my first name being Naomi. I get paid out on a fair bit by friends and family for  my name ~ when it is spelled backwards it says: I moan :D

2. What is your favourite book genre (current OR of all time)?
Oh, I really love a good contemporary YA, they are my reading drug of choice. In fact, I rarely read any other YA genres (I particularly suck at connecting with paranormal YA). In adult fiction my fave genre is literary or suspense thrillers and the occasional chick lit (I absolutely ADORE anything by Liane Moriarty and Sophie Kinsella can be a lot of fun)

3. Favourite film adaptation of a book? (or TV adaptation)
I have ALWAYS loved the adaption of Anne of Green Gables. I pretty much grew up addicted to those movies (made for television movies/mini series). I always wanted to be Anne (and have Gilbert, haha).

4. What do you do for a living (or dream of doing for a living)?
I am a primary school teacher and really love getting creative with my students. A part from that, I am married with three kids whom I love to death. I dream of living overseas in a developing nation and doing social justice work, I am pretty certain it will happen one day, when the timing is right ;)


5. Country you'd most like to travel to this very second?
Definitely Scotland. I have a lot of family over there who I have never met, but aside from that ~ it's a truly gorgeous place, atmospheric and rich in history. Also, I love listening to the Scottish accent, even when I don't understand half of what they are saying, haha.

6. Your superpower would be...
I have SO MANY times wished to have the ability to teleport. I am THE WORST traveller, and every time we go somewhere I get so sick I swear I will never travel again ~ so teleporting would be awesome (plus, think of all the places you could go FOR FREE :D).

7. Coffee or Tea?
Neither :) I have never even tasted coffee ~ the smell of it does not appeal to me. And I can count on one hand the number of times I have tried tea... I LOVE the idea of coffee though :/  I am going to go with hot chocolate x

I love the name of Nomes' blog inkcrush, so you'd better go visit her over there! 

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