Tuesday, February 28, 2012

words, poetry, literature, childhood, imagination, reality.

This morning I had my first lecture for my English unit Making Form/Breaking Form: Literature Production & Genre. The lecturer first spoke about how books are like windows, and how words are the media for looking through them. Which is true to an extent, because sometimes words can get in the way - like when it comes to poetry. In the case of poetry we don't see through the words to get to the picture, but we look to the words to guide us to it. It can be tough, but there's beauty in compressed profundity. The sound and rhythm of words can enact much greater meaning at times.

He also talked about dreams, reality, imagination, art, literature and childhood. How art/literature mirrors reality: it seems hyper-realist but completely reversed and different. Apparently (I didn't know this before) human beings have the longest childhoods of all animals. We develop independently and our imaginations a large factor in that. Children love to pretend, imagine, play make believe - all for the practice and anticipation of human experiences. Humans like to imagine things that don't exist. 

Literature is a way of organising reality, it creates an opportunity for many interpretations of it. 
Realism is just another genre.

I'm not entirely sure if any of wrote I just wrote makes much sense, I just sorta went off from the notes I wrote in class. Did any of it make sense to you? 
I'm kinda doubting my note-taking abilities here. :P

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