Saturday, February 4, 2012

day 25: a character i can relate to the most

it's kinda difficult to answer this one, because firstly, my favourite characters pass through my mind and then i realise that pretty much all of my favourite characters are very different to myself. So in that sense it might be wrong to say i can relate to them the most. but then again, isn't relatability a quality that makes them my favourite characters? actually no, it isn't. my favourite characters are fictional people that i would want to be more like in real life. they have better humour, better relationships, better personalities and are much braver than i. anyway, i'm getting so off topic. 

a character who i can relate well to is not often a character i read about. either that, or they are too forgettable to stick to my memory. relatability, as i have come to realise in my first paragraph, is not a memorable trait in the books i read. or something like that. my opinion sways easily, and is certain to change over time, especially after i read a lot more. 

all in all, i don't really have an answer for this one. 

but i have a question for you: 
"What do you think about relatability in characters?"

btw, blogger is telling me that relatability is not a proper word. but blogger tends to deceive me quite often. we don't have a very sound relationship, it and I. 


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Anna said...

i don't think a character being relatable means you necessarily have anything in common, i'd have said it was more about understanding their situation and the choices they make, and really feeling for them. often this would mean you're like them, but not always.
my favourite character, or the one i find most relatable, francesca from saving francesca, in a few ways is VERY like me, but in most is quite different.

also, relatability isn't actually a word, it's one of those words people always use but it technically is incorrect. like ginormous :)

Unknown said...

that makes sense I guess, but I think for me i do need something in common with them in order to relate to them. the other option there is empathy, which isn't as strong an emotion :/

and thanks for letting me know it's not a word - it gets sooo confusing these days with online dictionaries saying this and that, and then MS Word and blogger, etc say otherwise.